Enchanted Forest

Quick before time runs out..

The once vibrant and lively enchanted forest is now under threat. The witch and her cunning fox are on the verge of completing a curse that will plunge the forest into eternal darkness. Will you venture into the shadowy dangers and aid the inhabitants of the forest to thwart their evil plans?

With only 60 minutes to complete the challenges, team up with your friends, family, or colleagues to escape before the time runs out!

🕒 Duration: 60 minutes | 👥 Players: 2-8 people | 🚩 Difficulty: 8/10

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Please note that these conditions are part of the immersive experience and have been carefully designed to enhance the challenge and excitement of the escape room. Your safety is our priority, so we kindly ask you to adhere to these guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Low Visibility: Please be aware that the escape room environment will be intentionally dark, making it challenging to see clearly. Prepare yourself for limited lighting conditions throughout the experience.

Sitting or Kneeling: In certain areas of the escape room, players may need to sit or kneel down to access clues, solve puzzles, or uncover hidden objects. Please be prepared for physical movements that involve sitting or kneeling.

Mind Head Hazards: Pay close attention to your surroundings and be cautious of potential head hazards. The room may contain low-hanging objects or structures, so it’s important to watch your head and avoid any potential collisions.

Walk Slowly: Due to the design of the escape room, there may be trip hazards present. It is recommended to walk slowly and carefully to minimize the risk of tripping or stumbling. Take your time and remain cautious throughout the game.