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Little block nine

Help restore the town to it’s former glory

Dive into the excitement of our Lego-themed escape room game in Perth. Colorful bricks, challenging puzzles, and immersive adventures await, promising a unique and engaging experience for all.
Unlock creativity and teamwork in our building blocks-themed escape room at our Perth location. Assemble solutions, conquer challenges, and enjoy a captivating experience that combines fun and strategy.

little block nine

Lego escape room called Little Block Nine and U Escape Room Perth

You awaken in a mysterious, colourful block world. But you soon realise that everything is not so awesome.

Help Little Block Nine citizens restore their beautiful town to its former glory. You may find they are the secret to finding your way back home.

2-3 Players: $48 per person
4-5 Players: $46 per person
6 Players: $42 per person

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes so you can put all your energy into escaping the room!

You won’t need to bring any other special items.

Yes, we have plenty of lockers for you to keep your belongings safe such as your keys, phones, and wallets.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking to ensure your game starts on time.

You can find our full Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy here.

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